It's Never Too
Early to Start

Making your wishes clear ahead of time can prove to be a great comfort to loved ones.

You'll be surprised how easy and rewarding this process is.

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What is Pre-Planning?

Pre-Planning is the process of planning your funeral arrangements in advance. It involves making decisions such as:

What type of funeral or memorial service do you want?
What type of casket or urn do you prefer?
Will there be a viewing the night prior in addition to the day of services?
Where will the services take place?
What style of headstone do you want and what will it say?
Who do you want to participate?

Benefits of Pre-Planning


If left to plan your funeral, family or friends may be unsure of your wishes and may find themselves emotionally or financially unable to deal with the situation. Pre-planning a funeral service helps remove the guesswork and the strain, allowing loved ones to focus on their grief.


Pre-funding your funeral arrangements ensures that your family won't bear the financial costs. Pre-planning also gives you time to consider all your options and look for the best deals. Without pre-planning, family members may have to make quick financial decisions that could cause them to overspend.


When applying for government assistance, such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, or nursing home care, applicants must spend down available assets until they reach a qualifying level. In most cases, prepaid funeral plans are considered an exempt asset, which can help you qualify.

"Planning ahead has given my husband and I peace of mind knowing that our children won't have to worry about planning our funeral arrangements or how to pay for it when the time comes. Allen-Hall Mortuary was very professional and easy to work with."

Brenda R. (Logan, UT)

"We chose Allen Mortuaries because they have been in business a long time and we have dealt with them before. They have treated us with sensitivity and much kindness. The process of our pre-planning went very smooth. They listened, were informative and we felt no pressure of any kind. They are very professional. I would advise others that pre-planning is the way to go in many ways, but I will mention a couple of pluses. It is our responsibility to make known our last wishes. Do not leave the arrangements at the last minute for our loved ones. They will be experiencing grief and maybe having to travel from far away. If they live far away, it's hard to make last minute arrangements. The second reason--consider the costs involved. Pre-planning helps you choose your options. Be proactive."

Rosario Ellis

"Allen-Hall Mortuary has taken care of our family for generations. Their work is second to none and their professionalism and kindness has earned our family's trust for years to come. Because of this, I chose to plan ahead with Allen-Hall Mortuary. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my final expenses are paid for and won't fall on my children to take care of."

Marianne Miller


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